Probability is a branch of mathematics devoted to describing, measuring, and modeling randomness and chance events. Probability plays a significant role in the underlying theory of machine learning, especially supervised classification algorithms.

This week, we will be watching a series of videos and engaging interactive resources from and Brown University. These are one of the best resources on the internet for a visual-based review of probability and statistics. Enjoy!


The video below is an excellent review of important probability topics by Justin Zeltzer at

Interactive Demonstrations

The interactive tool from Brown University below describes and simulates chance events and the important concepts of expectation and variance. Have a look at the different simulations to see these concepts in action.

Probability Concepts

Descriptive Statistics

Please watch the following videos from the Descriptive Statistics Collection at to review the fundamental methods for describing the central tendency and variability of data.

Measuring Central Tendency



Measuring Variablity

Variance and Standard Deviation

Percentile Distributions


Interquartile Range


Covariance and Correlation

Next Steps

Please head over to the R tutorial to learn how to explore data with descriptive statistics in R.